About Gaz

Hello there!
My Name is Yagazie Eguare, the Founder and Lead Creative of Gazmadu Studios – a leading photography company that celebrates love, inspires and empowers people through timeless works of art.

Although trained as a Doctor of Optometry, I began my photography journey in 2012, through the Future Enterprise Support Scheme (TFESS) and though completely unexpected; I have gone on to champion the transformation and reinvention of the company to lead by creatively capturing the genuine essence and love of every couple, woman or family in her pictures.

As a teenager, I was very fascinated with the camera and the best gift anyone could’ve given me, was a camera and the knowledge on how to use it.

Yet, with my extreme amateur self, I’d shoot with my mum’s film point & shoot camera, get to the laboratory for printing and then see that all the images are dark. Obviously, I didn’t know what I was doing but I knew I genuinely loved to photograph people.

Back then I remember always volunteering to shoot the family portraits during holidays just so I held a camera and got everyone to say ‘Cheese’. That was the highlight of my holidays.

A lot has changed from when I was a teenager till now. And honestly, I am very grateful that my parents encouraged these little expressions of my passions growing up, yet still putting my formal education as top priority.

Who knew my love for gathering everyone around for pictures during Christmas; hijacking close relatives and conducting a full makeover and photo session would become a full-time business that will impact lives in more ways than one, today.

In my 8years of being a photographer I have photographed well over 1000 couples, women, men, families from different works of life and have impacted the lives of up to 6000 photographers through different educational resources, Live workshops, speaking engagements and private coaching sessions. Etc

I am also very intentional in helping photography business owners discover exactly why they are into photography and developing the structures & strategies to not only start your business butto scale up from whatever level you may currently be in.

We teach you the EXACT STEP-BY-STEP FRAMEWORK I have used to grow the Gazmadu Premium brand which has consistently attracted the right clients, become more profitable and built an incredibly talented team that Love their job and have given me the ability to do more.

One of the major lessons I have learned in the past 8 year is the importance of starting well and building the right foundation for growth. This is why at Gazmadu Education we’re very passionate about growing the photography work through beginner’s training programs especially as we’ve seen how many photographers who attended our workshop build a very successful business out of Photography.

Our goal for these programs is not only to create a line of next-generation photographers but my hope is that after this workshop, your mind is exposed to a new level of creativity that will be of immense value to you, even in other career paths not linked with photography.

I want to create, teach and mentor you into using this new perspective of viewing our world to drive a positive impact socially and economically.

And if you are just starting out, my goal is that through this investment in your art, you gain clarity , understanding, see immense value in what you do and eventually build a business out of what you love.
My goal for you is that you are skyrocketed for success as you embark on this photography journey.

It’s a pleasure to meet you