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The Profitable Photography Business Program

Designed For

Professionals in the Photography industry who have started up their businesses.

Are you are tired of being frustrated about how to run your photography business to ensure it is sustainable & consistently profitable?

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What You'll Get in this Course:

Module 1

•Why you are doing Photography in the first place

•The specific framework of how you want to run your business, based on your business needs.

Module 2

•Placing Value on yourself as a photographer

•Placing value on your work and what you do

•Communicating value to your clients and getting them to book

•The step-by-step process on how to price your work from the ground up regardless of how long you have been in business.

•Different pricing modules framework and how to determine yours.

Module 3

•How and Why time is your biggest asset as a creative.

•How to manage your time and do more without burning out

•How to build your photography team and get the best out of them

•How to structure your business and organize your workflow

Module 4

•How to attract and keep the right clients for your business.

•How to market your work as a photographer

•How to develop a marketing strategy that works for your business

•How to develop a social media marketing strategy

•How to separate yourself from your business

Business of Photography

•Business Goal Setting

•Developing your unique strategy to implement all you have learnt

•Running a Photography business in Nigeria- the right way

•Money blocks and how to overcome them

Are you afraid of really charging what you’re worth?

Are you always anxious about where the next customer is going to come from?

Are you unsure of where the next client is going to come from and landing new gigs always feels like Christmas?

Do you price your products really low because you’re scared that nobody will pay and you’ll go hungry?

Are you always working with no proof to show for it?

Are you always booked yet your bank account has nothing to show for it?

Does everyone believes you’re living the life but in reality, your pocket has no proof of concept?


Absolutely! I believe there’s no reason for you to wait months just to get your first or next paying clients. You can spend the next 9 months tweaking your Instagram account, branding and blogging to get clients or you can create a system that will get you clients now. Whether you’re just beginning or you’ve been in business for a while and aren’t getting the steady flow of clients that you want and you’re not making the money that you desire. 

Not only will you receive massive clarity but you’ll also get everything you need to market your business and help you get fully booked with clients. Plus you get personalised coaching from Yagazie + a Kickass community.

Are you earning at least N1 Million a month? Consistently.....not every so often. If not, you should be for your skills and expertise! This program will completely change the way you see yourself, your work and the way you run your business. Photographers should be paid their worth. The Profitable Photography Business contains the strategy, guidance and support to help you get unstuck in your business and get booked out months in advance. It’s a system that you can implement over and over again. If you’ve been in business for a while, you understand the power of continually growing, connecting and shifting AND learning from new perspectives....This program helps you do all of that! 

I think it's best to approach your photography business as an owner/artist who understands that undercharging or charging low prices is not the way to run a business. When you begin to charge your worth, your clients will pay your worth. It starts with you getting clear that barely making a profit in your business is not the way to run a business. 

This plan was created to allow some flexibility in payment as I understand all hands are not equal especially in these times. Payment will be done monthly between April & August 2020. The 30-day money back guarantee applies for all

It's an online training. All classes would be done at your own pace and you'd have access to the classes for one year. However the coaching access to me expires after 30 days . Doors to the training opens on the 5th of May, 2020 You get modules delivered weekly. You can access it through the membership portal 24/7. You also get weekly FB live coaching sessions in our mastermind group so you will always get help with any questions you may have about the content or your business. 

 Oh definitely, if you do the work. All I'd be teaching you are not things I made up, they are practical. The greatest thing is it's tailored in a way that you'd find expression in your own field. The program provides the framework to help you through the different aspect of running your business that would ensure you stay profitable. You'd get all of the resources to help support you.

The bonuses will be extended till the doors to the program closes. However, the 90 minutes Private Intensive coaching session with me expires in less than 48 hrs, after which I won't be available for one-on-one private intensive coaching.

 Due to the current situation in the world, I have made the course fee super affordable and created a flexible payment plan to help make it easier for you. If you're ready, absolutely anything is possible.  

You can access the content anytime you want and go at your own pace.

Honestly, I can't think of any other better time to work on your business. There's a shift going on in the world, to ensure that you and your business is better positioned to thrive when all of this is over, this is the time to put things in order especially as you won't be distracted by shooting and editing. This isn't the time to make excuses, be done with your doubts, take control of your future and take action TODAY! 

If I'm being perfectly Sure, you can figure out how to start your business but THIS COURSE shows you how to create a PROFITABLE photography business and it’s strategically focused to help build your business and book your clients. Sales do not just happen on their own. You need a proven system that you can use again and again because you're building a sustainable business...not a one hit wonder.

It’s hard to compare, but i’ll do my best! The content of this program was developed from my personal experience with running a Photography business with absolutely nothing  to building a brand and consistently making it Profitable to where it is now

Yes, you can pay in 2-3 instalments.

As you can imagine, there are no guarantees when it comes to a program like this, but the previous students got incredible results as you can see on the page. What i am going to teach you is exactly what i did to go from nothing to consistently earning a 6 figure monthly. It is possible for you too.