Have you always wanted to learn how to create beautiful images?

Start your journey from amateur to professional with the Versatile Photography Training Program

What is VERSATILE all about ?

The Versatile Photography Training Program is a step by step photography training course designed to teach photography enthusiasts, beginners & intermediate level photographers how to create the best images with the equipment they need , grow their skillsets and build a photography business that people pay consistently for, without competition, confusion and comparison.

Whether you are new into photography, want to go back to the basics and work your way up, looking to do photography as a part time job, The versatile training program will completely change the way you use your camera to create the kind of images you desire. You will have clarity on the path for you, create meaningful images confidently and have a business that thrives consistently.

Why you should join?

Comprehensive Learning Experience

Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge and practical understanding of photography at a beginner level. From camera operations to editing techniques, we cover everything you need to know to transition from an amateur to a professional.

Expert Guidance from Mentors

Get ready to be mentored by industry experts and experienced photographers. Our resident and guest mentors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and will provide you with invaluable insights, critique, and support throughout the program.

Community of Like-Minded Creatives

Join a thriving community of like-minded creatives in our InnerCircle Educational Community. Connect, collaborate, and build lasting relationships with fellow photographers who share your passion and dedication.

Unlock Your Creative Potential

Whether you're just starting or have been in the field for years, our program will unlock your creative potential and enable you to create impactful and compelling images that resonate with your audience.

Build a Profitable Business

We'll guide you on how to start and grow a successful photography business from scratch. Learn pricing strategies, client attraction techniques, and essential business skills to turn your passion into a profitable venture.

Personal Growth and Fulfillment

Beyond technical skills, our program focuses on personal growth. You'll learn to value yourself and your work holistically, leading to greater fulfillment in your photography career.

The truth is, no matter how much you love watching short YouTube videos, screenshotting images of other photographers you love, saving pictures to recreate, downloading presets but  not seeing the results you want, You are now ready for a systematic and proven system of learning.

One that gives you clarity, practical knowledge, guidance confidence in your ability and freedom to be the creative you truly desire to be.

Maybe right now you feel.....

  • CONFUSED about your camera setting, understanding exposure triangle, lighting, and composition.

  •  FRUSTRATED because no matter how you shoot and edit, you are never satisfied with how your images look in comparison to other creatives

  • DISCOURAGED because you have spent money buying several presets, expensive gear without achieving the desired outcomes.

  • OVERWHELMED with the too many videos you have downloaded or watched on youtube but it still feels like you don’t know anything so now ready seek a systematic way of learning with proper guidance.

  • TIRED of merely looking busy to others but you know you are not creating meaningful and impactful work that brings joy and fulfillment.

  • EXHAUSTED and in need of a renewed passion and motivation, reigniting your love for photography and conquering self-doubt.

  • DISAPPOINTED by how much clients undervalue you and your work hence your inability to attract the right clients who appreciate and value your talents.

Sound familiar?

If any of that resonated with you…

You are in the right place.

You’re done sacrificing your energy, time with loved ones, precious resources and sanity to grow your skills as a photographer.

You want a better and more practical way to learn, that gives you the freedom to create the images you want and thrive in your photography journey

Imagine what it will feel like if you...

  • Your photography skills have now well refined and have take a new turn. You can now create the images you’ve always envisioned, whether with a phone or a camera.

  • Are no winging your camera setting, you will know exactly what to do and how it all works together

  • You understand the different photography gadgets and you know the exact gadget you need to start without wasting money buying what you may never use.  know how to properly and intentionally take the best images without running to youtube for tips.

  • Have your own unique photography style and now the one creating presets for other to buy

  • Don’t have to walk this journey alone. You have the support of like-minded photographers, access to top award winning photographers to help your photography journey.

  • Know how build a brand as a photographer and project your photography in the best light, attracting clients that value your work

Take a moment to let that sink in.
Because it's possible for you.

How does the Versatile Training Work?"

Versatile Photography Training Program


The online training is designed for aspiring photographers who are not present in Lagos, Nigeria, or don't have the time to commit to a physical presence but still want the same learning experience.


The Physical training is designed for aspiring, beginner, or intermediate photographers who are available in Lagos ONLY.
Date: October 2nd - 13th, 2023 Location: Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

Here is what you will learn


Introduction to Photography - Shooting as a professional


Introduction to Lighting (Demonstration will be done)


Introduction to Composition and elements of composition


Workflow, Editing Post Processing


Introduction to the Business of Photography

In addition to the comprehensive training, you'll also get..

Access to InnerCircle Educational Community of like-minded creatives to build connections and foster more growth for 6 months (Valued at $1000)

Monthly Mentorship Support & Critique sessions from our resident & guest mentors (Valued at $2500)

LIVE group coaching by the Lead Educator Yagazie Eguare (Valued at $5000)

[Bonus] Access to Surprise Guest Instructors ........ Value - $2500
[Bonus] Photography Start-up gear purchase guide + checklist ...... Value - $150

Total Value Of The Versatile Program Is Over $10,000. But you get to pay less for more.

After Going through the VERSATILE
Photography Training Program, you will :

In a NUTSHELL, this would be you saying HELLO! to Consistently creating the kind images you love and a long GOODBYE! to Blurry and Boring looking image

It is possible and it can happen to you! You simply need to learn the step-by-step way to start and build a Profitable Photography Career.

Who will be teaching

The Versatile Photography training is led by Yagazie Eguare, a Multiple award-wining Photographer & Educator with over 11 years of experience in Portrait & Documentary Photography. Yagazie is the Founder and Lead Creative of Gazmadu Studios, a global photography brand serving premium clients from different works of life.

In addition to building a globally recognized brand, Yagazie has impacted over 10,000 creatives & photographers and trained over 400 Photographers through her educational platform


We specialise in results. Yagazie mission is to equip & empower you to start/grow your skillset and build a thriving business. What you will learn at VERSATILE is based on over 11 years of experience, not theory. You have the opportunity to be trained by an Industry Leader who has built a global brand and will personally guide you through the same system that helped her

Ready to take your photography skills to a whole new level?


Versatile is an intensive photography training for aspiring photographers, guaranteed to set your photography journey on the right track and give you an edge in your career. In this program you will learn the fundamentals of photography, including photography equipment, camera setting, lighting, composition, editing, access to experienced mentors to help you grow faster, and learn how to get paid for your photography. 

 In this training, You’d learn

  • The actual meaning of photography (not what most people assume that it is) 
  •  How the camera & lens work to produce the type of images you love and admire
  • How to achieve good lighting in your images with natural light and studio light
  • The Art of composition and how to create compelling images
  • How to use element and props around you to make great images
  • Understand colors and the role they play in your images
  • Editing images on your phone and laptop
  • How to kick-start your photography journey
  • The business of photography

This training is for you, if you :

  • Graduate/Nysc who have interest in photography, 
  • Teenegers who just finished secondary school (17 - 19 year old )


  • Beginner - Intermediate Photographers who didn’t learn photography in a structural way and need to brush up their skills from the foundation stage


  • Creatives - makeup, hair stylist, mobile photographer who want to gain additional skill in photographer
  • Busy 9-5ers or business owners  who have an interest in Photography but lack the time to commit to a physical training 
  • Beginner & intermediatePhotographers in diaspora who want to go back to the basics and learn photography in a structural way or may need to brush up their overall skills

A virtual community would be created where projects and assignments would be submitted and questions can be asked and answered. Also, you have access to likeminded photographers like yourself and the instructors to support you through your photography journey within the duration of your training

None. However, we encourage an open & courteous learning environment for every participant

There would be worksheets and practical assignments available to be filled & submitted at the end of each class. You would also carry out a personal photography project based on the lessons gotten from the training.
Please Note: We would make all the materials available to ensure that true and practical knowledge is passed across to you, however, you would be required to apply yourself, practice, ask questions, and seek direction from the instructors as you go.

Yes! The top 3 performing students will get chance to win a beginner’s kit and also a chance at a 6-month internship with Gazmadu Studios. Every participant will be guided on the best way to seek and apply for internship opportunities

For this cohort, we have both Physical and Online training classes designed to suit different learning styles. 
For the Physical training, we would have an intensive 2 weeks training (Six-days in class - DATES : Sept 12th - 14th & 19th - 21st. and Six days of virtual/practical class) After your training you will join a community of like-minded creatives and you will be supported through a growth journey for 3 months.  
For the Online training, you will have access to on-demand training modules. This is self-paced and done under the guidance of an experienced supervisor. After 6 weeks you will join the community of like-minded creatives and be supported through your growth journey for 3 months through projects, exhibition planning, mentorship, and monthly LIVE coaching call.

The sessions are going to be as practical as possible. Required worksheets and assignments are going to be given at the end of each class to make room for assessment and practice.

There would also be access to a closed group for participants only where you get live support.

A camera is necessary. However, If a digital camera is not available, a good phone camera with great image quality would be required. A laptop or personal computer is also required for the editing class.

Most importantly, a good internet connection, your writing materials, questions, curious minds and open eyes are the major requirements for this workshop

Yes you can! As a part of the class, we could advice and give you recommendations on your camera purchase. We would also make arrangement to have some demo camera that will be used for practice IN-CLASS

The sessions are going to be as practical as possible. Required worksheets and assignments are going to be given at the end of each class to make room for assessment and practice.
All virtual participants would also have access to a closed group for participants only where you get live support

 Due to the current situation in the world, we have made the training fee super affordable and created a flexible payment plan to help make it easier for you. If you're ready, absolutely anything is possible. 

Honestly, I can't think of any other better time to grow an additional skillset or get better at it. There's a shift going on in the world and particularly in the creative industry. With the explosion of the media industry and the enormous need for media in virtually every industry and sector, going through this training will give you the confidence needed to build your craft and prepare you to position yourself to maximize severally opportunities that matters to you. This isn't the time to make excuses, be done with your doubts, take control of your future and take action TODAY!

It’s hard to compare, but i’ll do my best! The content of this training was developed from my 11-year personal experience of being a photographer and 7 years of training over 400 Photographers like you who moved from having no idea about photography to building a thriving photography career. This is a transformative training that you will be grateful you attended at least 10years from today

Yes, you can pay in 2-3 installments. 

Yes! You would have access not only to the resources but the facilitators for a period of time to guide you through your practice process.

A lot of the champions you admire, may have started their journey with certain privileges, but you now have the chance to take your own future by the hands, and determine how fast you want to grow on your journey.


The Versatile Training program is for determined and forward-thinking creatives who are tired of running around endless circles and still not creating the images they love, who are on the verge of giving up, and who need a fresh drive to pursue their photography,  who want to increase their knowledge around lighting, composition, workflow/editing, and the introductory level to the business of photography.

Regardless of where you are on your photography journey, going back to the foundations means having more confidence to create, a new inspiration or learn a new techniques to help you get better results.

The Fujifilm

Beginner - Intermediate

Photographers who didn’t learn photography in a structural way and need to brush up their skills from the foundation stage

gazmadu education


Makeup, hair stylist, mobile photographer who want to gain additional skills in photography

The Fujifilm

Busy 9-5ers or business owners 

Those who have an interest in Photography but lack the time to commit to a physical training