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Versatile Photography

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Photography beginners and enthusiasts.

What You'll Get in this Course:

Introduction to Photography

•What’s in my camera bag? (Basic photography equipment)

•How the camera works (Shooting Modes, Focusing)

•Exposure Triangle (Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO)

•How to see and optimize Light
Practice Session

Introduction to Lighting

•Understanding Lighting and how the camera sees light

•Sources of Light

•Directions of Light

•Color of Light

•Distance and intensity of light

•Practice Session

Composition and Creative Storytelling

•Rules of Composition

•Elements of Composition

•Creatively storytelling

•Practice Session

Workflow and Post Processing

•Organizing and Arranging Files

•Image Selection

•Introductory Editing using Lightroom, Photoshop and Capture 1

•Practice Session

Business of Photography

•How to start out and grow your photography business

•Building a portfolio of work that would attract the right people to you

•Valuing yourself + work & Pricing your work

Does Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture sound like jargon to you?

Are you unsure of what aspect of photography to specialize in?

Do you want to understanding Lighting, how the camera sees light and how to effective use it to create your desired images?

Are you overwhelmed and confused on the many things you have to learn to build a successful photography career?

Do you want to learn how to build a successful photography business from scratch?

Are you confused on how to select and purchase the specific photography equipment needed for your work?

Do you need a great support system to keep you accountable in implementing everything you have learnt?


Workshop Only
or Workshop + 4 weeks of Support

•In depth knowledge and practical understanding of Photography at a beginner level

•Good understanding of Light

•Background and practical knowledge of framing and composition

•How to take creative and good images with the most minimal equipment and your phone’s

•Basic knowledge of image processing and editing

•Business class on : How to start and grow a photography business from scratch

•Exhibition of images created in the class

•4 weeks open communication for mentoring, questions and answers

•Opportunities for internship at Gazmadu Studios

•Certificate of participation

•Q&A Sessions

•Assignments & Personal Projects

•One on One follow up