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Photography beginners and enthusiasts.

Are you passionate about photography?

Do you want to learn how to take & edit beautiful images with your phone or camera?

Maybe your love for photography made you start learning from the internet.

You’re always watching tutorial videos but when you try to do what they do, your pictures don’t look so good.

At this point, you might get frustrated and you’re wondering why you can’t just do what they do.

Maybe if you just had a photographer friend or mentor, they would show you where you are making a mistake and what to do differently. 

But since you don’t have access to any photographer and most trainings are beyond what you can afford, you continue to do it yourself everyday even with how tired and frustrated you feel.

Maybe you like taking images of your family and friends but you want to be able to take better images that will impress them or get them to start taking you seriously

You want to be able to take pictures so well and start charging money for it.

If this is you, then the Versatile Beginners Photography Training is for YOU.

What You'll Get in this Course:

Introduction to Photography

Introduction to lighting

Composition and Creative Storytelling

Workflow and Post Processing

Business of Photography

Does Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture sound like jargon to you?


Workshop Only

Workshop only

Workshop + 4 weeks Support

+ 4 weeks support

•In depth knowledge and practical understanding of Photography at a beginner level

•Good understanding of Light

•Background and practical knowledge of framing and composition

•How to take creative and good images with the most minimal equipment and your phone’s

•Basic knowledge of image processing and editing

•Business class on : How to start and grow a photography business from scratch

•Exhibition of images created in the class

•4 weeks open communication for mentoring, questions and answers

•Opportunities for internship at Gazmadu Studios

•Certificate of participation

•Q&A Sessions

•Assignments & Personal Projects

•One on One follow up


This workshop is for you, if you :

  • Have a real interest in photography.
  • Need a professional understanding of how the camera works.
  • Looking to turn your passion into a profitable business.
  • Need clarity about your photography journey.
  • Need help kick starting your photography journey.
  • Want to learn more about the business of photography.
  • Meet like minded colleagues and mentorship in your photography career.

This beginners’ workshop is an investment in your art and would help you kickstart your photography career the right way.

In this workshop, You’ll learn

  • How the camera works
  • How to intentionally create beautiful images
  • How to achieve good lighting in your images with natural light and studio light
  • How to use element and props around you to make great images
  • Understand colors and the role they play in your images
  • How to edit images on any device and still achieve stellar images
  • How to kick-start your photography journey successfully from the foundation
  • The business side of photography that most people don't like to talk about

None. However, you must be willing and open to learn and humble and courteous with course mates and instructors. 

Yes you do! Your payment entitles your seat at the workshop. You also have to be present online throughout the period of the workshop. However, at the event of your unavailability, a representative can be allowed for the entire workshop period.

The Workshop only costs N57,500.

Yes there are. A payment plan can be set up to pay in instalments.

No, there won't. This is the last one for the entire year.

Yes, the classes would be online. However, a one on one critique session would be fixed after the class in our studios and you also stand a chance to win a 6-month internship from the class in our studio.

The sessions are going to be as practical as possible. Required worksheets and assignments are going to be given at the end of each class to make room for assessment and practice.

A camera is necessary. However, If a digital camera is not available, a good phone camera with great image quality would be required. A laptop or personal computer is also required for the editing class.

Most importantly, your writing materials, questions, curious minds and open eyes are the major requirements for this workshop.

Yes you can! As a part of the class, we could advice and give you recommendations on your camera purchase.

Ready to join the Versatile Photography Program